AVTA and The Great American Cleanup

Trail runs along Oil Creek
The Allegheny Valley Trails Association is participating in the 2024 Great American Cleanup of PA with a trail clean up on Saturday, April 27. Clean up starts at 9:00 am at Salt Box Visitor Center. The clean up should be finished soon after noon. Trash bags and some gloves and safety vest will be provided by PENNDOT. Bring along pruning shears if you can and you may want your favorite work gloves. You can work down oneside of the trail for about an hour and a half, then work your way back on the otherside. Spring Gobbler Youth Hunt is also April 27. Adult hunters accompany the youth hunters in their quest for the turkey.
Be prepared to:

Pick up trash. Carry out what you can. Leave remainder beside trail for later pickup. Report sections where pickup is required and any problems you see with the trail, i.e., trees down, logs on the edge of the trail, plugged drains.

Clear the edge of the trail back 6-8 ft of stones, branches and anything that would damage a mower while trimming the edge. Trim branches up 2-3 feet from the ground and back 6-8 feet, where practical, for mower clearance. Trim branches back from the trail far enough that you won't hit them when riding on the edge of the trail and clear overhead so you don't need to duck. Trimmed branches should be thrown at least 10 feet off the trail.

If you would like to work a specific section, please contact Cindy Schenck at cschenck3@verizon.net or text 814-671-4784