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The Allegheny Valley Trails Association (AVTA) has constructed this trail system through an all volunteer, non-profit organization using funding obtained from federal, state and local grant sources, private donations and volunteer labor. The goal of constructing the trails is to provide multipurpose, non-motorized recreational trails open to the public for recreation, transportation and to provide for economic development related to ecotourism.

As AVTA has purchased the property and/or obtained legal right-of-way agreements with landowners; obtained grant funding through sources that include restrictions to the use of the facility; and seeks to provide a safe, enjoyable experience accessible to the general public, the following policies and restrictions are in place:

Trail Rules and Etiquette



Leave No Trace

Safety on the Trail

It is every trail user's responsibility and right to ensure their own safety and expect safe practice from other trail users. Exercise caution at all times, follow guidelines and rules of the trails. Preventing accidents or injuries is the first step; acting responsibly if something does happen is the second.


Take only memories - leave only footprints!