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Bike Trails

Allegheny River & Samuel Justus Trails

Allegheny River Bike Trail 7 Samuel Justus Bike Trail
Artifacts from the oil boom of the late 1800's are apparent. About midway between Franklin and Oil City, is the stately River Ridge mansion and farm of the late US Senator Joseph P. Sibley who acquired a considerable fortune from the early oil industry. Oil well locations can be seen all along the river and trail - some abandoned for 100 years or more. John Wilkes Booth was part \ owner of an unsuccessful 1864 well which was one mile south of Franklin very near the trail. More...

Sandy Creek Trail

Sandy Creek Bike Trail
The Sandy Creek, built between 2000 and 2005, has 12 miles of asphalt surface, 7 pedestrian-safe bridges and a tunnel. The eastern section of this trail winds 8 miles along East Sandy Creek through some of Pennsylvania's most spectacular hills, valleys, and forest. The trail runs east and west, crossing over the Allegheny River and the Allegheny River Trail 5 miles south of Franklin. The Belmar Bridge is 1385 feet long with a wooden deck and railings and a great view of the river valley. More...

Oil Creek State Park

Oil Creek State Park Bike Trial
The scenic 9.7 mile asphalt trail is built on a historic railroad grade which runs parallel to Oil Creek through wooded park land. The trail is suitable for users of every level of conditioning. Creek vistas, restrooms, and picnic areas are strategically located along the trail. More...

Two Mile Run Mountain Bike Trails

Two Mile Run Mountain Bike Trails
The park is 2,695 acres of mostly wooded land with 20 miles of trail suitable for mountain bikes. The trails are primarily single-track, and challenging. The park is beginning an extensive trail marking project that will identify at least three loop-trails of varying length and difficulty. If you are unfamiliar with the park, be sure to get a map from the park office. A micro-burst in the summer of 2003 caused significant damage to the trail system. More...